Why playing a musical instrument can be beneficial to a child

Music can be a rewarding pastime or career. Young children stand to benefit a lot though playing musical instruments. Its takes patience and discipline to learn a new instrument. This in turn helps children have a little more patience and discipline in other aspects of their lives.

A look at some of the benefits of playing a musical instrument:

Such children tend to do better in an array of other subjects

Playing music can help children do better in a range of other subjects such as science, math or arts. This is because though playing the instrument, they learn that with hard work come rewards in form of learning the instrument or passing the test. Children are able to translate what they learned from the musical instrument into other subjects such as math and physics. For example, plucking the strings on the guitar can help children learn about harmonic and sympathetic vibrations which knowledge can be incorporated into science.

Increases the child’s memory capacity

Learning a musical instrument can help improve a child’s memory capacity. This is because the child has to listen to the music and play the instrument thus stimulating his or her brain. Since the child has to learn different aspects of the instrument, his or her memory capacity is increased.

Helps cultivate social skills

In case the child is part of a group class then his or her social skills can be improved through learning to play a musical instrument. In such groups, teamwork is encouraged which team work can also help the child cope later in life. Children learn how to work with others to make music and can later know how to work with others to be successful as adults in a workplace.

Helps refine discipline and patience

Depending on the instrument being learned, patience can become a part of the child’s life. In order to learn how to truly play a given instrument, the child needs to learn how to be patient and disciplined. He or she needs to learn how to persevere in their need to learn how to play the instrument.

Refines the child’s organizational skills

Since there can be a lot to learn about a certain instrument before being really good at playing it, music can teach child organizational skills. This is because without such skills, the child would not be able to efficiently make use of their time.

Helps improve on coordination

Quite a number of musical instruments require the use of hand-eye coordination. As such, playing an instrument can help enhance the child’s coordination.

Helps boost self esteem

A child’s self esteem can be improved through playing a musical instrument. This is especially the case if the child is part of a group. He or she learns to take constructive criticism in their stride and turn it into a positive thing. They learn how to be more confident in what they do.

Children get to learn of new cultures

Different musical instruments can help introduce children to different cultures. As a result of being introduced to different cultures, children can develop an open-minded attitude which can help them better cope with different categories of people later in life.

Helps sharpen children’s’ concentration

This is because the child needs to concentrate if he or she wishes to learn how to play a given instrument. If the child is to learn how to properly play the instrument then they have to pay attention to different things such as rhythm, pitch, quality or sound or note duration.

Helps reduce stage fright

This is especially the case if the child is required to play in front of a big audience. The child grows up knowing that people shouldn’t intimidate him thus doing away with state fright.

Helps relieve stress and promotes happiness

If a child is interested in a given instrument, he or she will find joy in playing the instrument thus reducing any stress they might have had. This in turn helps put them on a much happier route. Children or teens suffering from depression or autism stand to greatly benefit from playing musical instruments in as far as relieving stress and promoting happiness is concerned.

Improves upon the child’s listening skills

This is because while playing the instrument, in order to know where you have gone wrong, you need to be able to pay close attention. You also need to pay close attention to tings such as pitch and melody.

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The Best Online Guitar Training Reviews

Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer – Guitarist and Singer for The Clash

We at Honorary Title are big fans of guitarists (that should go without saying, being that we are a rock band enthusiast blog).  It also should go without saying that behind every great guitarist there is a guitar teacher, somewhere.  So this article is giving a big shout out to all the hard working guitar trainers and teachers who have made the world such a more rich and wonderful place by educating  their students, some of which grow on to become some of the greatest in the world.

We’ve come a long way from the of piano lessons at Miss. McGee’s house next door.  Today’s kids have access to some of the greatest resources available, and it’s all online.  In this article we will focus on one such resource, our friends at SK.  They have some of the best resources available online, so we’ve delved in and put together a review for you.  Enjoy!

SK’s speciality – ONLINE GUITAR LESSONS – Quickly growing in popularity for kids and adults.

Online guitar lessons seem to be all the rage nowadays, with guitar greats like Joe Satriani giving online lessons for free, and legends like Steve Vai becoming advocates for music education, it is really opening up opportunities for young folk (and adults as well) to pursue a path to becoming a musician on there own time, and there own dime.

Sub-speciality – Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons – Rocker’s still exist, just ask Sepultura…

Heavy Metal is a obviously a guitar-centric musical genre, and many students choose to specifically pursue it as their genre of choice.  SK offers some of the best heavy metal guitar training on the planet, so be sure to check them out before making any final decisions.  Heavy metal is a worthwhile pursuit, but many students fall into the trap of trying to learn too much, too soon, and this is where beginner lessons are so important.  Mastering the basics will give you a fundamental edge on competition and allow you to go in any direction you want, not pigeon hole yourself into any one genre.

Most Importantly – Beginner Lessons – Grow Strong in the Fundamentals

Beginner lessons are of utmost importance.  Trying to go after more advanced tactics is like trying to shoot a cannon out of a row boat.  If you don’t have a strong base, it doesn’t matter how strong your advanced tactics become.  So start small and start right.  Beginner lessons are the key to any long term endeavor.

SK provides access to some key beginner guitar lessons and provides links out to some others as well, so go on and check them out and see what you think.  Don’t be scared now, it’s only music :)

We hope you enjoyed this little review of our friends at SK.  They really do provide a great service, so go check them out while you can, and don’t lose any motivation!  Remember, staying motivated is key to becoming a great person, whether you are trying to achieve greatness in music or any other field.

We all believe in you! You just have to believe in yourself.  GO TO IT!





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